C# (47)

There is definitely something about C# somewhere on this page...

JavaScript (17)

NOTE: according to a mostly middle/back end developer

RestSharp (5)

is great...

SpecFlow (5)

Possibly the best thing since sliced bread... awesome

NUnit (4)

much more than a unit test runner

Castle Windsor (3)

Castle windsor is an IoC container with brilliant dependency inject and dynamic proxy capabilities.

CSS (3)

Cascading Style Sheets

Entity Framework (3)

The entity framework is an object-relational mapping (ORM) library by Microsoft.

Html (3)

as things go, pretty useful...

OAuth 2 (3)

Pretty important stuff in the world of REST

Selenium (3)

Great for so many reasons... treat with care

SignalR (3)

Like Socket IO for .net... nice

AutoMapper (2)

Articles and info about AutoMapper

Azure Blob Storage (2)

This is about Azure Blob Storage

Azure Search (2)

This is about Azure Search.

Drupal 8 (2)

This is about Drupal 8

Azure App Service (1)

About Azure App Services

Moq (1)

Great mocking library