A little bit about me

I've had many different roles/job titles throughout my career so far including:

  • Lead Guitarist in a punk band
  • Pub Landlord
  • Six Sigma Project Manager
  • Business Intelligence Manager
  • Developer
  • Senior Developer
  • Technical Lead
  • Technical Architect
  • Senior Technical Consultant.
  • And lately a little bit of everything tech
  • I’ve worked in banking, finance, insurance, accounting, media, e-commerce, pubs, clubs and more…

My latest project has been implementing a single sign on solution into a large global e-commerce company with a 25 million+ user base.

Other than the techy stuff, I am married with young 3 kids, I pretty much just code, play/listen to music and watch Pixar/Disney movies in an endless loop – mainly Finding Nemo and Frozen lately.

Sean McAlinden.

I was trying to find a cool domain name for this blog (which is pretty difficult nowadays) and was using the usual suspect words like: dev, code, coder, test, tester, hack, hacker etc. etc. It was a Friday night, I’d been working all day and the kids were being kids, I realised I was way too knackered to think of anything decent then all of a sudden… ‘Hackered‘ – the art of hacking whilst knackered.