Works on my machine: config for setting up tortoise merge with GIT

Thursday, April 2, 2015
by Sean McAlinden

I don't get any enjoyment out of setting up dev machines and especially annoying things like setting up merge tools.

This post is just some working config for setting up Tortoise Merge with GIT which I always end up scouring the internet for and often read the wrong approach a few times before getting something working.

I realise that for many I am probably just adding another annoying version which will go out of date, however this blog also acts as my outsourced memory :)

The following is the config from my global .gitconfig in my user directory eg. C:\Users\seanmc\.gitconfig

	name = Sean McAlinden
	email = sean.mcalinden@someundisclosedemailblackhole.blahdblah 
	tool = tortoisemerge
[mergetool "tortoisemerge"]
	path = C:\\Program Files\\TortoiseGit\\bin\\tortoisegitmerge.exe
	keepBackup = false
	autocrlf = true

That's it, obviously it will only work if you have downloaded TortoiseGIT and the exe is at the specified location.