Integrate GIT and Powershell with Posh Git

Saturday, August 30, 2014
by Sean McAlinden

My favourite tool for managing my GIT repositories and performing GIT commands is Powershell rather than Bash.

Posh Git provides great Git/Powershell integration and is definitely worth installing.

Step 1. Install Chocolatey

If you haven't already installed Chocolately go ahead and install it right now, it's awesome and you should have it.

Step 2. Install Posh Git

Open up your command prompt (cmd.exe or Powershell) and type the following:

choco install poshgit

and hit enter.

Leave it to run and eventually chocolately will tell you it installed.

If you didn't have GIT installed, it will also install GIT for you.

Step 3. See if it worked

If you now navigate Powershell to a directory on your system that has been initialized with GIT, you will see really useful information appear next to the directory name and lots of other useful GIT based goodness.

For example the branch name should appear.